Psychoanalysis Through Books and Other Urban Myths.

Today will be a recitation of things I want to try and read before I can’t read anything except the prescribed reading for uni.

I’ve read less than I used to. It seems that social media is getting in the way of books. Anyway, flat on my back has meant more reading so here goes:

Books I need to finish:

The Fry Chronicles – Stephen Fry
When I read Moab is My Washpot I couldn’t put it down. When I started this one I couldn’t get into it. I will start again.
The Famished Road – Ben Okri
I kind of got into it and then I lost it for a while, but I’ve found it again and so it will be concluded.
Our Sunshine – Robert Drewe
Acclaimed Australian writers often write about our most famous bushranger, Ned Kelly, I’ve never been able to finish one but this is shorter than The True History of the Kelly Gang and so I’ll give it a shot.
Happy Valley – Patrick White
As always, Patrick White’s writing is opaque and bleak. You’ve got to be in a really good mood to read a White and survive and I’ve not quite reached the peak yet. One for very soon, I hope.
The Diamond Anchor – Jennifer Mills
At first the style felt a little forced but as I’ve read into the book more I can feel myself beginning to care about the characters, I think it is that the book has become a series of short stories, written by one central character, and so I may even finish this one soon.
Daughter of Fortune – Isabel Allende
I have almost finished this one. I think what is holding me back is not really wanting the story to end. I do so love her writing style.
Alice Springs – Eleanor Hogan
I’d nearly finished this book, it was small enough to pop in my bag and read on the train or in waiting rooms, then I cleaned out my bag and popped it on the bookshelf and promptly forgot it.

Books I need to start:

On Beauty – Zadie Smith
My sister gave this one to me to read and I never quite started it. I think it’s because I’ve never read White Teeth and I wonder if I need to read that first. I should stop wondering and just read this one instead.
The Ern Malley Affair – Michael Heyward
I’ve always been a little fascinated with Australia’s most famous literary hoax, well maybe Helen Demidenko’s The Hand That Signed the Paper trumped it, who can tell, but I think not; and this is the definitive exploration of a chapter in literary history that had lasting ramifications.
The End Of Poverty – Jeffrey Sachs
If I am to realise my ambition to work overseas in a community development setting I suppose that having some knowledge of this economist’s ideas about poverty relief may help. The fact that Bono likes him doesn’t really help though.

So, there you have it. If you can tell things about a person by what they have read, are reading or about to read, then what do those books say about me?

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