On a Fairly Inactive Day I Find Something to Write About

Gosh, the day got away with me today. That’s probably because I woke up at 11am after finally falling asleep at about 1.30am. That dull, heavy ache from the sciatica is quite difficult to ignore when you’re trying to sleep.

I’m not sure if the pills are becoming ineffective or I’m just becoming less tolerant. I think it’s a combination. I’m on edge, waiting for the stab of pain when I roll over, move my leg, try to adjust my pillow.

During the day it’s almost the same, with tentative steps to take, cautious lowering to seats, winces as you get it wrong. I am in constant fear that this will never go away. Logic tells me that this can get better but anxiety beats it over the head and creates scenarios of permanence.

I don’t want this to be a blog of whines and complaints but at this moment my lived experience is all about pain and how to avoid it. I need you all, dear reader (I think there’s five of you now), to send me your well wishes, in whatever way you do that, so that I’ll soon have a view other than of the hill behind my house. I hope that the acupuncture I’m having tomorrow will make a big difference, that I’ll be able to feel the reduction in pain viscerally.

Oh, I’ve not read a single new word of any of those books. I spent today having an Ashes to Ashes marathon. I enjoyed Life on Mars so much I couldn’t imagine that the next series would measure up, and I was right in some ways. I found the sexual tension between Gene Hunt and Alex Drake tedious and unbelievable (on her part, not his). I was also disappointed that we didn’t find out what happened to Annie, but all in all it was enjoyable and complex enough that the ending caught you by surprise.

See, something else other than my back and the hill out my window, which is not that picturesque that I could do a post on what it looks like for your amusement. One day I could do one about our sunsets, though, they can be spectacular.

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