Where it’s Almost My Deadline and I Find I Ramble About the Heat

I’m barely going to make my ‘post a day’ deadline today. It’s 35 mins from midnight and I’m laying under the ceiling fan, it’s spinning on the highest setting, I’m dreading the next few days here in Central Victoria, they are going to be hot, hot, hot.

I’ve lived in this house now for nearly 4 years and three summers, and each time we have a summer, where the west facing floor-to-ceiling windows let in all of that hot sun, I swear I’m going to get external blinds, insulate, double glaze, grow more trees. Circumstances have conspired against us though, with my one, quite low wage not stretching far enough to do anything except the essentials.

We both know what we need to do it but it seems that we aren’t able to afford it. We cope. It’s our house, we have control (well to do things to it, not of my pay packet and my wife’s job hunting status) and we keep trying. The trees we planted to provide shade have all died. We wanted fruit trees, not ornamental, that would grow to dome height but be fruitful too. The frost got them. We tried to protect them but our side if the plateau gets a wicked frost right through from late Autumn until late Spring. All of our vine-like things died too. This could have been due to some neglect but also I think the hot summer last year did them in.

I’ve measured for blinds, they’re going to cost thousands! I thought I’d try to get some other shading and then, the veranda started to move. Yep, you read that correctly. Our house is stone and the veranda all around it is stone set into cement, the poles that hold the veranda roof up are cemented into the very stone and cement veranda base that is trying to travel down our quite steep hill. The owner/builder of this house (not us, it’s about 30 years old) didn’t really think this through so well.

It seems that I keep getting distracted from doing what I want/ need to do by what the house needs me to do. It needs me to stop it’s west-facing veranda from falling down the hill. I just need some relief from the heat.

I think that I am going to sacrifice some sheets tomorrow and nail them up to the falling away veranda to see if they will repel some of the heat that beats through from mid afternoon onward. I am constantly shocked at how inefficient this house is, it’s going to take a fair bit of ingenuity to get it both efficient and liveable for summer and winter. I hope we are up to the challenge because our budget isn’t.

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