In Which I Discuss Chickens and Postulate on Their Language

It’s that time of day, the one where you abandon the inside of the house and seek respite from the heat and sun by sitting in the shade created by our house on its east side. The wind comes through occasionally to cool the sweat and it’s not as cloying as the air inside; that superheated air that is whirred around by the fan.

Knowing that the animals probably need a break from the heat too, my lovely wife has taken the hose down and is spraying the dog yard (with the dogs in it). They do not appreciate this when it is actually happening but after, they come out and lay on the cooled ground. She also let the chooks out of their yard and the three laying chooks promptly flocked up to where we are seated, checking for delicious insects and juicy seeds.


I could see that they were hot, Fanny and Lucy were strutting around with their beaks open, trying to cool down, so we got some fresh water for them. Here they are having a drink.


Fanny also cruised by my chair and I reached out and patted her, she was pretty chilled by it all and stayed for several pats before a weed caught her eye that she thought she might like.

Angelo has really turned into a very protective rooster. We could see that he was quite vigilant, a quick call to warn for danger, a sudden chirrup to let his hens know where the juicy food was, but since the addition of Lucy and Fanny he has really blossomed. He’s very vocal with his calls and chatter, declaring he’s found food, proclaiming his undying love for Lucy, protecting the pullets from the fierce water hose (they gave a little distressed call and he came racing down to check on them). He is still very uncoordinated though. This is another of his endearing traits.

There’s lots of scratching and pecking happening, slaters are being discovered, ants munched, spiders revealed; it’s all quite industrious. My wife went to encourage the pullets, Agatha and Esmerelda, up here. I’ve no idea what is happening but it’s causing much hilarity. I think I’ll leave you with this idyllic country scene. Oh, Angelo is doing his little squeak, we think it means “hey babe, how about it?”

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