What really happens at a fire (one woman’s experience so far)

My wife on her blog talking about fire fighting from her perspective.

Snoringcat's Blog

This is by no means a definitive description of what happens at a fire, it is just a reflection on my experiences so far. Since becoming a volunteer firefighter, I’ve found it interesting to compare how the public perceives fire to my experiences on the fire ground. These are entirely my own recollections and they do not constitute advice, nor do they represent the organisation I volunteer for. My only intent is to give you some insight into our experiences. I should also add that my experiences of firefighting so far have been at relatively small fires.

It seems to be afternoons. That’s when you hear that vaguely familiar wail. It takes a second or two to register, providing a nice shot of adrenaline to mingle with the thought of ‘where the bloody hell is that thing?’ You find your pager, press the button to silence it, giving a cursory…

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