Sustainable Living Hits The Heatwave

We are back in heatwave mode and I’m really feeling it. I spent today at the Sustainable Living Festival as a stall holder. I had some great help from volunteers too and we showcased some excellent short films; directed, produced and acted by young people in the region as part of the Brown Paper Bag Project. We showed them in the cave (under croft, manufactured), a darkened space that will be a great workshop someday but today was a welcome shelter from the searing heat outside.

There were lots of stall holders braving the heat. A special mention to the ones stuck out in the desert – a space that had no shade during the hot afternoon. I ventured out there to grab a quick frozen ice (all juice, no sugar) and I could feel my skin sizzling within seconds. I tripped from shaded stall to shaded stall trying to keep my lily-white skin from turning instant beetroot. All of the stall holders tried to keep me but my destination was sure, I wanted that icy pole.

There were lots of ‘green’ tradies and solar and wind projects showing off their wares. Quite a few local community groups had stalls, the primary school were fundraising for solar panels and the local vegetarian crew were busy preparing a feast for visitors to eat.

Our little cave offered a respite from the heat and a few took us up on the offer. They saw films that let them into the imagination of the youngsters that made them (mostly angst, murder and destruction – ah, the youth of today). My particular favourite was a film that combined real and animated action to reveal a film maker with whimsy in their soul. I later found out that this film won the inaugural festival and the film maker came third in Tropfest in late 2013.

I would love to offer other workshops for the next festival, ones on recycling and up-cycling. I hope that the community I work in will embrace the vision we are building for a community workshop and activating the hub garden space. It’s a slow process, this building community consensus, but I do love doing it.

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