These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Chocolate; ice cream, topping, cake, sauce, pudding, pure unadulterated chocolate. Dark, milk, nutty, fruity, triple, chilli, melted, drizzled, blocked, ganache, in fact any way you can imagine. I love the chocolate.

Beer. When the day is hot and you’ve been working hard (oh no, I’m falling into parody) there’s nothing better than a lovely cold beer. It slips down your throat, smooth and hoppy, offering the illusion of relief from the heat. Summer and beer are like Bogart and Bacall – destined to be together. I’m a bit partial to a dark ale in winter too. No similes there.

Dogs, big, silly, smart but dopey, dogs. They’re smelly, dirty, galumphing and slobbery. They bark inappropriately, dig up stuff, chase creatures that they’re not supposed to, sleep in spreading heaps on the bed (only upon invitation). They have fallen in love with eating chicken poo. They adore a good bone and a long walk. I adore them, especially my two but I find it hard to resist patting random dogs, even the little fluffy ones.

Parties: where you get to talk to lots of people about all sorts of things, maybe your job or your family or your politics or your dreams or you lover or your pets or your kids or your house renovations or your country of birth or refugees or whatever you end up talking about and you eat great food and have a wine or two and go home with the one you love (or hope to love).

Just a sample. I’m practicing. Tell me whether those paragraphs helped evoke the favourite thing they were talking about with the style of writing I chose. Cheers.

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