It’s too raw. I can’t write tonight. The news of the death of a young boy at the hand of his father is too hard to take in. The compassion and forgiveness of his mother is both humbling and confusing.

I have my own story. I have my own hurts. They are different to these events. The similarity is that men have perpetrated violence against children they profess to love.

That’s all you get. Goodnight. I’ll try again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. For some reason I’ve read this post over and over again. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because your words are so poignant and continue to reverberate through my consciousness. Maybe because it is too close to home for me personally. I agree that the mother’s remarks are both humbling and confusing. I realise that she was in shock when she said what she did. I dread that she may live to regret those words as she processes her grief. That is not a criticism, just simply an observation. She deserves the utmost compassion and support that can be given at this time and in to the future. The most difficult thing for me was the issue around love. Harming anyone via any form of violence is not an act of love, far from it. I’m struggling with this notion of love, trauma and abuse, because often ‘love’ is used as a weapon and survivors of intrafamiliar abuse know this all to well. Sorry, not sure what I am trying to convey. Hugs. xo

    • Thank you for the hugs. I just needed to write it down, try and exorcise the rawness, shock, grief and anger I felt for her and because of the act. My latest post is pretty triggery. I probably should have put a warning. I too struggle with the ‘love’ thing. It doesn’t make sense. Hugs back xo

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