A Short Piece Full Of Hope And Longing

Missed a day or two. Been so tired that I’ve just dragged myself to work and home. Hopelessness of working to just pay the bills.

Then some light and no, not an oncoming train. We’ve had a bit of a social time with invitations to friends for tea and then it seems my lovely wife has scored a job. It’s not a dream job or a great career move but it’s a job that pays money and that is a good thing.

It means a little of the pressure will be relieved. It means that I can think of other things other than how I’m going to juggle the next lot of expenses. It means that I might not have to go to another market at 6.30am to make $120 for the day to try to cover some expenses. Markets are hard and that was pretty tough. The dogs were cute though.

It’s been a struggle with just one low wage. Two low wages isn’t going to change the world but it might mean we can pay all of the things. And we all know that good fortune begets good fortune. So, if that’s true then my wife’s dream job is just around the corner. And if that’s the case then the gravy train is in (not really but, you know, compared to now).

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