Fried Green Tomatoes?

Gravy beef. It’s the one* consolation of winter. A rich, tasty piece of beef that, cooked slowly with mushrooms and veggies, a few herbs and spices, can make a cold winter night a feast fit for a royal personage.

A friend, last year, became obsessed with cooking the perfect gravy beef and mushroom pasta sauce on her glorious wood-fired stove. My wife and I were lucky enough to be part of the experiments and partook in one such evening, remembered fondly and concluded at 3am! (Ok, ok, some wine was drink too).

Why am I talking about winter? Well, it’s here already. No Indian summer for us this Autumn, hot, hot, hot, freezing! That’s what happened. I looked forebodingly at my wife in mid-March and said we were going to need wood early. She blithely stated we’d be alright but Easter was bitter and the wood guy has suddenly become really popular (in our lives and others).

Don’t get me wrong, the colours of Autumn are all around, but the gradual decent into frozen• was missing. It happened so quickly that our tomatoes were unable to ripen. Neither were other people’s and so it’s time to make green tomato pickles or chutney.

So, does anyone have any good recipes to help use our green tomatoes? Post them in the comments, I’d love to try something new.

*a lie and a generalisation for the purposes of emphasis. I also love roasts, layers, winter coats, warm hats, mittens and gloves, wood fires and soups.

•I know, in Australia we don’t really get frozen winters in the sense of the Northern hemisphere, but relatively speaking it’s cold.

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