Just A Morning’s Musings

I’m back again. It seems a lot of you have stopped looking for me though. Sorry, I’m expending a lot of energy trying to pass my uni subject and while not exploding at the fourth years who are sharing the class with us. I can’t believe how laissez faire they are; no shows at lectures (which are done in day blocks, so easy to plan for), railing against the lecturers who gave them a grade that reflects their effort and understanding and now an email asking that their ‘role play’ go first because some of them have important stuff planned for the afternoon. Really? The whole day has been set aside, your lecturer has done this for a reason, you have been told that your part of others learning is to be there and give feedback and now you want to go first so you can leave early for ‘important stuff’.

I know, I know, they’re young and life is full of parties (a generalisation but a high probability). I can remember my youth, I can remember my callous disregard for others’ feelings or plans, I can remember this and still be appalled at their own entitled, privileged manifestation of my own behaviour and hope that they grow up soon because we have a role play to do and my mark depends on your commitment.

Okay, enough youth bashing, onto other things: Maya Angelou. As you read this I’m sure, if you are a reader, literary, poetically inclined, interested, feminist, womanist or concerned with the liberation of your fellow human beings you may have heard of this wonderful, powerful woman. Yesterday she died. She was 86, a life lived to the full despite the horrors she experienced and witnessed. Who among you has read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and not been left gasping, crying, reeling by its power?

I found out about another sorrow this morning too, a relative across the seas has also passed from this world. Much younger, not famous but no less valuable in their place in the world. Parent, sibling, beloved and caring family member, this individual takes with them a little piece of all who’s lives they touched. Go well and with love.

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