Hello! Are you still there? I’m sure no one is reading this now. Over 12 months with not a scrap from me. 

I’ve, we’ve, been a bit busy. Firstly I am writing this from a different city. Well, a city, as opposed to a small country town. Not just any city. The capital of Australia. No, not Sydney. Canberra – the Bush Capital. The good wife and I moved here in very late December last year. One day before NYE. We packed all of our remaining furniture and the dog and the cat and drove all day. Why? 

Well, you see, Caitlin applied to the Australian National University to complete their Master program in Science Communication Outreach. It was a highly competitive application process and she had to fly up for an interview where she performed her own science show. That was August last year. Now, a year later, Caitlin is travelling around Central Australia doing science workshops and learning a hella lot of stuff and I’m working for a heath advocacy peak body to keep our heads above water. 

We only found out in October and the course started in late January of this year, so it was a huge effort to get ready. We were living in a three bedroom house full of stuff, our stuff, number one daughter’s stuff, other people’s stuff. We sold and gave away a whole lot of it on the swap, buy and sell sites. That was fun and mildly profitable. That went toward our move and paint the house so we could rent it out to other people. It was a very busy time. In between we had to pop up to Canberra and find a new place to live that would allow us to have our geriatric animals. We found a little one bedroom place with a court yard and signed on the dotted line.

My mum helped us with the move, she shared the driving with us so I wouldn’t turn into a writhing ball of pain again. That was fantastic of her. Oh, and did I tell you that we hosted Christmas at our place too!? No, I think I forgot to mention that. That was hilarious, there was both sides of the family there and lots of food and wine. They stayed over from Horsham and Newcastle and then left three days before we did! 

So it is eight months down the track and we are both enjoying the opportunities that the move has afforded us. Who knows what will come around the corner, we certainly don’t, but while we are here we will certainly take advantage of the good food, music, theatre, festivals and general fun on offer. We’ve met great people, made new friends, kept up with the old ones and created a little niche. The course finishes in November. Our lease ends in December and the way forward is not clear. I hope a pathway starts to appear sooner rather than later. 

Maybe they’ll be another post, maybe there won’t. Pop back to see.