What? I thought I’d done this page already with my bloody gravitar and my about.me. So confusing.

I know they’re on here somewhere. Read them instead. This is not the about page you were looking for.

Oh, and if you’re looking for astute commentary or deep analysis of current affairs or politics or the state of the world and the human race then you need to find another blog to read.

This one is full of self-indulgent musings, rantings, blatherings and other person-centred stuff. It may contain wisdom but that is completely accidental.

And even though it’s just a personal space where I let my fingers do the talking it’s still copyrighted to me: JM Scanlon.
Please cite me if you use my stuff.

Please don’t publish stuff without contacting me to ask.

Please pay me lots of money if you really want to use my stuff (okay, the last bit is fantasy).


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