So sorry, been busy, that’s no excuse, I know. 

I’m sorry, dear reader, so dreadfully sorry. There I was promising you and myself that I’d write frequently and keep my writing muscles in fine form and then I desert you and write nothing for months. Well there was that one blog post I started and then finished a month later and then WordPress updated and deleted it. That was disappointing. One person read it and then it was gone. I broke new ground with it, pushed my literary limits, and then the internetz lost it! I couldn’t replicate it, my heart wasn’t in it and my head was angry, so instead I sulked. Yes, that’s right, this silence has been one big sulk.

Well I’m back, more revealing than ever. Batten down the hatches, it’s time for more Jill-isms. Oh, just a quick update on my pain, it’s barely there. I get an occasional twinge, when I push myself too hard, but mostly nothing. I do still have occasional numbness, this is troubling but not all consuming. I’m more cautious but I’m learning to beat up on myself less and just accept that I’m doing the best I can in exercise and diet and that being healthy is about so many factors. 

Ok, back to the grovelling apology. It’s not that I’ve been idle on the writing front. I’ve had essays due and made the time frame, I’ve written poems to lovers (well just one lover because married) and penned letters to my offspring. I even wrote that other blog post, which was about names and changing names and identity and marriage, and I started journal writing in earnest (I’ve been a sporadic journaller throughout my life). So you see, I’ve been doing it but mostly not for you.  
Well I will try to be more frequently on here. Thanks to ‘hoyden about town’ for jiggling my conscience and making me do something about this. They chose one of my pieces for their online mag, it jolted me out of my complacent and forgetful bubble. 

It seems that WordPress has made some updates that make this a little more user friendly on a tablet platform too, this can only mean well for us all.